Friday, August 7, 2015

The Wolf. By: Adonna Moore

The girl saw the wolf and the hunger in his eyes. Though he was not hungry for her. She waited to die. She was not ready, but she was accepting. 

Why wouldn’t the wolf just kill her already? What was taking so long. She knew she couldn’t run or hide. She knew she couldn’t break the deep concentration the wolf had. She felt content in a way. The wolf wasn’t just looking at her. It was looking in her. It could see how she was feeling. It could see her heart beating through her chest. It’s could see her breathing possibly her last breaths. What was it waiting for… Did it want her to move. She was getting impatient. She jumped. The wolf dashed towards her stopping only two feet away from her and growled a curdling growl as if to say don’t you dare move again or else. 

She sighed getting tired of standing and having no choice but to let the wolf stare her down. She finally decided to lay down she was tired of waiting on the wolf to make it’s move. “If you going to kill me then fine kill me!” she said. As her body hit the ground it pounced on top of her and growled while staring deep into her eyes. She flinched and screamed in terror, sure that this was the end that she was done. She opened her eyes when it’s salivation dripped disgustingly onto her face. The wolf just stayed there staring at her. It was like it was taunting her. Like it knew her life was in his stupid paws. He chose whether she would live to see another day or not and loved it. She was really starting to loath the wolf. She waited there for two days. Starving and beyond the level of parched. The wolf was no longer over her but she felt it’s presence. “Is it waiting for me to die?” she thought as she drifted to sleep.

She opened her eyes. She moved her head slowly to see her surroundings, but not startle the wolf. Where was it she couldn’t see it, at least not from her point of view. Was this it? Could she run?! She tried but with all her might she had no strength to move. She couldn’t stand. Then she saw the wolf in the corner of her eye. She glared at it she was irate! Wait… but why did the wolf look... sad? The wolf then pulled something from behind a tree.. It was food and water?.  He nudged it towards her. The girl ate and drank barbarously. She was confused why was the wolf being so kind all of a sudden? She decided to test the wolf. She stood up, the wolf did nothing. She backed away slowly, still nothing. She turned around to dart home when she heard a man scream, “LOOK OUT LITTLE GIRL A WOLF!”. She heard a gunshot and a howl in agony came from the wolf. She turned back toward the wolf to see a gunshot wound to its side. She screamed at the man while hugging the wolf. That started a hurricane of tears to cascade down her tired face. “WHY!?” she screamed.  “Why did I get shown so much mercy and the wolf got nothing?.”

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